Thursday, December 4, 2008

Angry Black Woman Monologue

You know? Maybe, I am a little angry. Maybe, I have a right to be a ‘little’ angry. I often see black women depicted as combative, unsupportive, overweight, and really undesired. I mean take one look at the NBA wives. Need I say more? How often do you hear of a white NFL or NBA player marrying a black woman? Has it happened? Please clue me in but I think the statistics are not favorable. Then, black men wonder why we are angry. When you think of high profile, successful, and powerful black women – Oprah and Condoleezza are at the top of the short list. Noticeably absent from their lives is traditional family – a husband, the two kids, and the proverbial white picket fence. I think it was an unintended message but a message all the same – the successful BLACK woman is successful at the expense of traditional family. I am a single, thirty-something, professional black woman… an aspiring writer… a desperate writer is more like it. I have felt a tad vilified by popular media. The media tells us that we are intimidating to black men. We are mouthy, not knowing quite when to keep quiet. We use the hammer on our men when all they really need IS encouragement. Funny how all the responsibility for making the relationship work has been relegated to the black woman. When the relationships we do have don’t work out, we are left asking the question, “What’s wrong with me?” We are often made to feel that the available pool of successful black men is really a puddle. I think the latest statistics suggest that for every man there are seven women vying for his affections. Don’t even mention the whole “down-low” mess… the black men who are secretly having sex with other men. It’s bad enough having to compete with seven other women for one man’s attention, but there may also be men in that mix. That's a scary thought and can you say NASTAY? Yuck, Yuck, Yuck LOL Yes, I am a little angry. We are out pacing our males in academia, earnings, and social standing. Hedoublehockeysticks yeah, I’m angry… just a little. Where is my knight-in-shiny-Armani? Can I really have it ALL? Successful career, family, and devoted husband? I’m having all these thoughts before I put keystroke to screen. Somehow some subliminal messages have found their way into my psyche. I have this ever intruding voice of self-doubt, saying I’m not funny enough, not pretty enough; there aren’t any good God-fearing men left. Maybe, I really can’t have it all. Maybe I need to redefine FOR MYSELF what ‘having-it-all’ means? For the last couple of years, I’ve been engrossed in this phenomenal and INTERNAL Angry Black Woman monologue. I think I probably have enough material for a one woman show. I play with the idea for names: Angry Black Woman Monologue or Angry Black Woman Chronicles? What should I say? Should I speak politically correct or should I speak the truth as I’ve come to know it? I’m busy writing and giving birth to this thing. YES! I have a voice for my anger. I sprinkle a little humor here and there. Maybe somebody will like my writing. Somebody, anybody. And, you know what happens? An amazing thing happens… Barack Obama gets elected president. My anger gets a portal… I get some vindication… or should I say validation? Enter stage left: Michelle Obama. She is beautiful, strong, classy, smart, prosperous, with two beautiful children, and a smart man… I especially like the last one: "... and a SMART MAN." Dare, I say it? Can we really have it ALL? Michelle Obama goes a long way to make a case for the angry woman in me! Shoot, she flat out gives me hope. I see 'ME' in the white house. I mean a sister of a darker hue, signature black woman curves, and essence. I do SEE ME! I SEE ME as deserving of LOVE and ALL the BEST that God has for me. I SEE me in the eyes of Michelle Obama... and I'm less Angry. The NBA and NFL stars need to catch a 'clue.' Amen.

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Shalaseia said...

Know that you are not alone and we can make a difference one day at a time. We will show our little Princesses what we are made of, one little Princess at a time. We will show how multi-dimensional we are as Black Women and that we can do all and be all. Each little Princess will hold her head up high and know that she can do all and that she can be all...And the world can and will see and if they do not like what they see that is on them because we will keep on going as we have always been and not miss a beat or a step....Shalaseia