Friday, December 5, 2008

Part 3: Personal Accountability

I heard a brotha in the barbershop say that Obama's presidency had ushered in the era of Personal Accountability (my words not his)... basically this man said, "We don't have any more excuses. Obama didn't have a daddy and he didn't come from money but he made it anyway. We need to do better by our kids and our black women." The truth is powerful. You know? I've taken my Angry Black Woman (ABW) Monologue on the road. I am a blogging maniac now...LOL who knew that it would be this cathartic, this freeing, and this much fun? LOL I have had some interesting chats with brothas across this nation. And the message of one brotha did resonate with me. He picked up where the brotha in the barbershop left off - there is no getting around Personal Accountability. He responded to my ABW rant about how Michelle Obama validated the black woman... The gist of what he said was this: "Michelle attracted Barack because of the kind of woman she was. If you are not meeting the kind of men that you want to meet, then you need to take a look at you." The truth is powerful. LOL... I respected what he wrote but I AM a good woman LOL Why am I not attracting GOOD QUALITY MEN??? LOL I wanna know... despite my mental protests, there was truth in what he said... Raw, naked, and undeniable TRUTH. THE TRUTH IS POWERFUL. It is true - seed DOES produce like seed... I mean... I have to take some personal accountability for my wrong relationships. NO more excuses! No More Lies! Frankly, NFL and NBA players are not known for their moral and intellectual acumen. And if we didn't know this, Plaxico Burress, served as a recent reminder. There are a lot of us out there - angry black women - and I KNOW FIRST HAND that we have a right to be angry about a whole lot of stuff. LOL No question. BUT, at the end of the day, if I want a certain kind of man, the reality is - I need to be that kind of woman - no excuses, and no lies - that dear reader is -Personal Accountability. Does this mean I am putting the Angry Black Woman away? NOT HARDLY! LOL There is such a thing as righteous indignation. I really do have RIGHTEOUS indignation about the fact that no white (heck I'd take even one Latino, Samoan, ASIAN(?) LOL NO non-black professional athelete (NFL, NBA, Baseball, Hockey - you name it) has a BLACK WIFE. Why is that??? I really wanna know... It's so bad that when I moved to SoCal and found out that the San Diego Chargers superstar, LaDanian Tomlinson, had a black wife - I was SHOCKED. LOL I was actually suprised... and I do take a mental note of my response... the stats are so low now that when you see a black professional athelete with a black wife - you are surprised. LOL The points I made are valid but at some point, I do need to look at ME. The truth IS powerful!

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